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At Clean Out Rubbish Removals, our dedication to providing Melbourne’s premier rubbish removal service never means compromising on quality.

Revitalising Surfaces, Enhancing Spaces: Your Trusted Partner in Concrete and Tile Solutions.

At Clean Out Rubbish Removals, we’re committed to offering Melbourne’s unparalleled rubbish removal service, with no compromises on quality.

Our comprehensive service includes collecting, loading, and disposing of all sorts of waste from any location on your property, be it your home, office, or a work site. Whether you’re tidying up post-renovations, preparing a home for sale, or simply decluttering, we’ve got you covered.

Expect our truck on time, ready to efficiently haul away your waste. Before we begin, we’ll clearly outline our pricing and give you a no-pressure estimate of the removal and disposal costs.

Rest assured, we prioritize proper waste disposal and maximize recycling. Why wait? Reach out to us and handle your waste needs today!

our Services

Household Rubbish

We offer Household Rubbish solutions, efficiently collecting and responsibly disposing of daily domestic waste. Trust us for a cleaner, eco-friendly home environment.

Job Site Cleanups

We offer Job Site Cleanups, meticulously clearing construction debris and waste. With a focus on safety and efficiency, our services guarantee a tidy and hazard-free work environment for seamless operations.

Office Clean-Outs

We specialise in Office Clean Ups, ensuring your workspace remains tidy, functional, and conducive to productivity. Trust us to handle every detail, creating an organised and refreshing environment for your team.

Deceased Estate

We offer Deceased Estate Cleaning services, approaching each task with sensitivity, respect, and thoroughness. In difficult times, trust us to handle the cleanup with utmost care and professionalism, allowing you to focus on what truly matters.

Green Waste

We provide Green Waste Disposal, ensuring your organic waste is responsibly managed and environmentally processed. Choose us for eco-friendly solutions that prioritise the planet's well-being.

Strip Out Hand Demolition

We offer Strip Out Hand Demolition services, skillfully dismantling interiors and structures with precision and safety. Trust us for a meticulous approach that paves the way for your next renovation or construction project.

Whitegoods Removal

We provide White Goods Removal, expertly handling and disposing of your large household appliances. Count on us to safely and efficiently manage your old fridges, washers, and more, offering you a hassle-free solution.

Fence Removal

We offer Fence Removal services, adeptly dismantling and disposing of old or unwanted fencing. Rely on our expertise for a smooth and efficient process, ensuring your property is ready for its next phase.

Hear What Our Customers SAYS

"Ever since I discovered Clean Out Rubbish Removals, decluttering has become a breeze. Their team is punctual, efficient, and always ensures that my waste is disposed of responsibly. They've truly transformed the way I look at rubbish removal in Melbourne."


"I was preparing my home for sale and was overwhelmed with all the junk accumulated over the years. Clean Out Rubbish Removals came to the rescue! Their transparent pricing and prompt service are commendable. I was particularly impressed with their commitment to recycling. Highly recommended!"


"As a business owner, it's crucial for me to have a tidy workspace for my employees. Clean Out Rubbish Removals has been an invaluable partner, ensuring our office remains clutter-free. Their professionalism and dedication to quality are unmatched."

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